SE Solar Energy SCC-MPPT-3KW Solar Charge Controller


Solar Pumping System can be applied to daily use (groundwater), agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, water supply for islands, waste water , treatment engineering, and so on.

Our Solar Water Pump system is dispensed with energy storing devices, and stores water instead of electricity. it improves the reliability of the device, at the same time, it lowers the construction and maintenance costs of the system dramatically. In recent years, with the promotion of the utilization of new energy resources, solar pumping system is more and more used in municipal engineering, city centre squares, parks, tourist sites, resorts and hotels, the landscapes and fountain systems in the residential areas…..


Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller

Voltronic Power Solar Charge Controller

Taipei, Taiwan, November, 2013- Voltronic Power has released high efficiency solar charge controller, SCC-MPPT 3KW. Combined MPPT technology and battery temperature sensor(BTS), SCC-MPPT will convert best voltage to charge battery based on varied temperature. Compared to traditional solar charge controller, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology allows solar panels to operate at their optimum power output voltage, providing higher efficiency in 25% to 30% more with lower power loss.

SCC-MPPT 3KW solar charge controller is compatible to PV systems in 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC based on applications. It’s allowed 50A at up to 145VDC open circuit voltage. Built-in battery temperature sensor and 3-stage charging method allows this solar charge controller to optimize battery performance and prevent batteries from overcharging and discharging. Besides, comprehensive LCD display panel would provide real-time information of solar charge controller states.

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