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Solar Panels (Poly, Mono Crystalline)


Axpert Inverter (KS, MKS, Infini)

Polymer Gel Batteries (NARADA)

Solar Mounting Systems

Solar Pump Inverter (ADA, INVT)


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Mobile Tower Generators

Mobile Tower Diesel Generators

Our MTP lighting tower is widely used in :

With satisfying the various requirements, high reliability, operating and maintenance easy.

“MTP” series entire hydraulic system with electrical controlling make every operation to be fast and flexible, more safe and reliable. The six most shining floodlights of twelve LED can illuminate an area of 500m radius. “MTP” seris is the latest design and manufacture lighting tower with the vertical telescopic mast.  The operation is simpler than other series lighting tower.And the smaller size make the transportation become more convenient.

    “MTP” Series is a type of cute lighting towers with the vertical telescopic mast, it’s small size make it more convenient to transport.

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Diesel Power